Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Aalborg Tower

A statue near Aalborg Tower
On the way to the Aalborg Tower

It may be to a surprise but there is a beauty in Aalborg in Winter time. 

The path leading to the Aalborg Tower will slowly reveal to you an amazing view over the city center. 
Thought the tower is closed during the winter time, the top of the hill will provide you with a stunning view over the city as well.

 Once you are up there, keep on going. There are some amazing statues in the park behind the Aalborg Tower.  Just a little bit more up and  you can enjoy even more nature beauty and  stunning views over the city.

Nature beauty
You can also choose to go follow one of the park paths, that after two minutes of walk will lead you to the Aalborg Zoo. The Zoo is opened  in the winter season from 10-15 on week days and 10-16 during weekends.
From personal experience, Aalborg Zoo visit during winter time is magical. Animals, they are all just for you to enjoy. Who knows you might see a giraf eating a snow, lama enjoying making " snow angels" or see training of sea lions, as if it is ment only for you. As a  bonus the Zoo has a nice cafeteria, with tasty food and warming drinks.

But you can just stay on the path, keep on going till you reach the top of the hill.See the "Hasseries" ( the richest part of Aalborg) and Fjord  laying in front of you. With landscape covered and sky so bright you wont even know where the horizon ends and sky begins.

View over Hasseries and the Fjord in distance
Then if you head down the hill toward, you can enjoy walk through Hasseries calm streets leading you all the way to the Fjord and its harbor.
The Vester Bådehavn (the Western boat harbor) even during the winter time offers time of relaxation and romance.
There are several restaurants and cafes, opened all year round. Taste some of the traditional danish dishes, danish beer while enjoying the view over the harbor. It is simply stunning.

This is but one option how to enjoy the winter time in Aalborg. Look at the path below, what will be yours Winter Wonderland experience in Aalborg?

Winter Wonderland

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Carnival is back in town

The Aalborg Carnival

Aalborg Carnival, the  parade 2014
Tomorrow, on the 15.May between 18:00-20:00 the streets of Aalborg will be full of the sound and music of Carnival. The annual carnival parade starts from JFK square (plads) , going via Boulevarden and ending at Gabels torv (square) in the city center. afterwards you can enjoy a show that will take place right at the Gables torv, from 21:00 to 22:00.

Aalborg Carnival, the street parade, 2014

In the parade groups from Germany, France, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark but also Denmark/Ghana are participating. 

Earlier that day, take your children to enjoy the carnival atmosphere, join the meeting at 9:30 at Gabels torv and take part in the childerns carnival parade. Childrens parade starts at  10:30 and ends at 11:00  in the  Kildeparken. Afterwards, there is going to be entertainment and activities for children in the park.  The entrance for children costs 50 Dkk, children under 2 years enter for free.

Aalborg carnival, the street parade, 2014
The day after, Saturday 16. may, you can see the bands compete in the park called Kildeparken (right behind the train station). The bands are going to perform and compete for the title of the "Best Carnival group". Come and enjoy all the groups, and support the favorite one with your voice. 
There is no entrance fee. 

For more information visit

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring in Aalborg

Spring, and with it nice weather, has come to Aalborg. Remember, besides the amazing city center, if you feel like relaxing or you fancy a walk you don´t have to go that far. In the center of the city there are place where you can enjoy both, nature and relaxation.
Little hint, just cross the bridge over to the other side of the fjord, which is connecting Aalborg with Nørresundby, and enjoy your day.

Vor Frue Kirke- Church of Our Lady, a peaceful place in the center of the city of Aalborg

The view at the Island of Egholm, from Nørresundby

Vest by ( the west city) harbor, Aalborg

Fjord, Nørresundby

Nature in Aalborg

Nature at the Fjord, at Nørresundby Fjord Park

Nørresundby Fjord Park, and the view towards the west city harbor

Nørresundby Fjord park

There is a beauty hidden under the train bridge (at Nørresundby)

Under the train bridge

Aalborg Akvavit, like the drink or not, but the view at the factory has it beauty

view at the bridge connecting Aalborg and Nørresundby from the Nørresundby side

Water in the Fjord is clear, and there is color and beauty in it

Aalborg Aquavit factory from afar, at Nørresundby

 Days can be so beautiful

Enjoy your walk alongside the Fjord from the Nørresundby side

The New harbor front in Aalborg

 The new harbor front in Aalborg, enjoy your trip  alongside the Fjord, rest in sun at one of the turning chairs. And in the evening, when lights turn on, end your romantic walk at the Opera House, which is right at the end of the walk

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Culture Night

 Friday 11. October the annual event  Culture night is taking place in Aalborg.
 Event starts from 19:00 and end at 23:00.

Participant in this year´s culture night are:
Om -Form
Touch of Africa
Art and Poetry - 9000 ord (words) galleri
Stringen performance; Trold Tæmmes
Sofie Trolle
Amaryllis and Side by Side

You cna find out more about the participants  either by clicking on their names ( available only with some of them) or by going to the program.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Platform4 - Creative Alternativ environment in Aalborg

Platform 4
For the less mainstream tourist, Aalborg has a large underground creative community, for art, music and other forms of creativity. If you want a taste of this different side of Aalborg the best way is to visit the user-driven art and technology community called Platform4. Different projects are always going on and you never know what crazy thing you might walk in to.

Located next to Nordkraft in the "Peoples park", Karolinelund, Platform4 has:
A cafe opened Wednesday till Saturday. (organic cake, drinks and beer)
Folks kitchen every Wednesday at 19.00.
Thursday  Kino-night, free screening of short movies, animations and documentaries.
Friday´s Club PlugIn, gives you the best DJ's in DK and visiting live bands and art groups.

Karolinelundsvej 38-40
9000 Aalborg, Denmark